Artist Bio

Melissa Porter earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, in Fine Art Photography. Her early career had her working as a Photo Stylist, Production Coordinator, and Location Scout throughout the Western United States.  While she raised her adopted daughter, Melissa owned and operated a successful portrait studio in Beverly Hills, Michigan. In 2012 she closed her studio in order to pursue her dream of working full time as a visual artist.


Melissa’s artwork is reflective of her life experiences and showcases her affinity for symbolism.  Found treasures such as vintage clock cases, cigar boxes, and photographs add their own character to the intimate story she narrates. Her work is greatly influenced by artists such as Joseph Cornell, Duane Michals, and the Starn Twins, as well as her travel experiences and exposure to different cultures and religions. Through her creative process, Melissa explores the concepts of permanence, boundaries, value, and connection.

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