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I'm Melissa Porter, a mixed media artist, photographer, and stylist at Porter House & Home, a company I created out of all the things I love and where I can put my superpower to work.  


My superpower is making a house into a home.  I’m a nester, who moved a lot as a kid, so the idea of home and the comfort it brings is important to me, as, with many people, a home is a place where one can truly be themselves. What does your house say about you, and does that make you happy?


As a working artist, with an education and background in photography, I fully understand design, color, lighting & spatial relations.  Combining these skills was a logical choice for creating a boutique business where I specialize in home styling and interior photography.  I get great satisfaction in seeing space come together and joy in bringing it to others.  


If you're not happy where you're at and are considering moving then I’m here to help you get your house picture perfect in order to sell.  I also work with real estate agents providing professional photography services to insure your house shows it’s best.  If you're already in your dream home and are struggling to bring your vision to life or simply don’t have the time or energy that's when you really get to see my superpower at work. Let me help you turn your vision of home into a reality. I want you to be as happy in the space you call home as I am in mine.

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