Shit Just Got Real

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I was told today would be the day the for sale sign would be added to my yard. I knew it was coming, I've been planning for this for months. Yet somehow seeing it in place when I pulled into the driveway, it still caught me by surprise. Suddenly this is real!

A few months back when my dog Hope was diagnosed with kidney disease it became very clear to me that I was going to need to surround myself with more support to get through that grieving process. You see Hope and I have been together for 13 years and counting, she's all that remains of what is left of my previous life. Since my divorce my brother has been encouraging me to move west to be closer to him and his family. With my only child settling into her freshman year in college, now is a good time for me to go.

Today feels significant. Not only did the sale sign go in my yard, my brother received the permit to build a two car garage on his property in Colorado Springs. Construction could begin as early as the end of the week.

It's exciting! He's excited to get the home gym/man cave he wanted and I'm excited to get to occupy the tiny appartment above it. It means down sizing again from 1,100 square feet to 600 but when I step back and think just five years ago I had close to 3,500 square feet, this feels doable.


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