Interior Decorating 

Home Staging Services

Real Estate Staging provides listing agents and home buyers with a way to help visualize themselves living in a new home. Staged homes sell 73% faster, on average decreasing the amount of time on the market and increasing sale price. A study of more than 4,200 homes found 85% of staged homes saw at least a 6-25% increase in the sale price than homes in the same market that was not professionally staged. I can provide a detailed written ‘homework’ proposal with suggested changes to prepare the space for your listing photographs or I can provide a hands-on styling approach and even offer supplemented items that will leave the space camera ready.  

A La Carte Design Services

Paint/palette and wall covering  selection

Art curating and selection

Materials and fabric selection

Accessory placement and selection

Lighting and fixture selection

Window treatment selection 

Organizational services 

Organizational services are offered to help contain the cluttered areas that happen in homes that are lived in.  By giving a home to things you live with on a daily basis it helps you function more efficiently and saves time and frustration.

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There is an art in making a house into a home.

Whether you're at a point that you are trying to sell your house and want to maximize sale price, just moved into a new house and want to make it your own, or are looking to update or organize where you currently live, there is an art to making a house into a home and I’m here to help you. 

 I excel at spatial relationships.  I intuitively know where to position furniture, use accent elements, place artwork, and create vignettes to make cohesive collections. As much as we all value an aesthetically pleasing environment I’m a firm believer that space needs to work in harmony with its occupants and function for their individual needs.

I love to start by first looking at what items my clients currently own and treasure. By “shopping” items that are already available and to which my clients have a connection, we start with a solid foundation on which to update the space. From there, I evaluate what pieces are needed to complete the feeling of comfort and belonging.  Items are then chosen and acquired that add personal style and reflect who you are as an individual.

From new home planning, large scale renovations, or single room updates, I help with all design aspects including color/material selection, selecting furnishings, decor, placement... If you are a do-it-yourselfer, I can create a DIY plan that meets your needs. Reach out, let's chat about your project and how I can help you make your house into the home of your dreams.

There needs to be a “good fit” between decorator and client for the transformation to truly happen.  It is my desire to collaborate with people who value form and function and want to reflect their own sense of style, just as I do in my own home

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