Professional Office 

     I hired Melissa to help me furnish my office space when I opened my own practice. Being in the healthcare field, it was essential that my office feel welcoming, soothing, fresh, and professional. Melissa has an eye and a heart for knowing just what to do.  I think what amazed me most was that she was able to have it look like me and suit me — yet she did it in a way that I could never have accomplished on my own. There are many designers out there who know the color, proportion, balance, and all the tools of the trade. But in spite of this, only certain people can translate this knowledge in a way that creates a space that is not merely visually beautiful — it FEELS good. Melissa delivers a quality product on time, on budget and that looks and feels fabulous. I am hiring her to help me with my home now. If I could say one thing about her work, it’s that it transcends just a look. She makes a place feel good. I’d say she is not a mere designer, she is an office and home environment, specialist. She also understands organization and order, ease of use, all those under-the-surface things that you might not see initially, but you feel when you are in the space. There is the perfect resting spot for a cup of coffee next to a chair, the lighting is good, appropriate, well-placed, and flattering. So many hidden things go into creating a special space. Melissa gets it . . . the WHOLE picture.  

Carol B.

Beverly Hills, Michigan

Residential Interior

I've always admired Melissa's style, in her home and throughout her artwork. When I found out she consulted on interior design, I knew she was the person to help me. She is very easy to work with because she listens to you. She is also professional, timely, and fair. She identifies what level of consulting you are looking for (anywhere from general ideas about paint color to picking out furniture and accessories), surveys your rooms and furnishings, and recommends changes based on your style and budget. She is a master at repurposing your accessories and furniture in a new way to breathe life into your home. As I am transitioning my home's style, she has helped me stage the process in steps, adding in new items and rearranging some of what I had, while setting up future changes as our budget allows. As the transformation of the rooms unfolded, I felt a new sense of comfort and ease in my "new" home.  It is truly worth dedicating time and energy in surrounding yourself with a space that brings you joy!  

Jeanne D.

Bingham Farms, Michigan

Home Staging 

I loved Melissa 's creativity and insights. She staged my home for an upcoming sale and took breathtaking photographs of the rooms.  She made my home look awesome and gave me detailed advice on small changes that made a huge impact. Melissa has that artist's eye, the right touch, worked with what I had, and is just extra talented. I highly recommend her!

Nikki H.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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